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Ice sculptures

Ice – the material is short-lived, but grateful. Despite their fragility, allows you to apply ice to handle the tools applied to carved wood.

One of the most famous in the history of ice carving – Ice house, built in St. Petersburg of the 18th century, during the reign of the Empress Anna. The ice house was built for clownish wedding, which took place in the winter masquerade.

Today in the Northern hemisphere passes a dozen festivals ice sculptures, the most famous of which are held in Russia, China, Japan, Canada and the USA.

The sculpture is of medium size, made of ice, can safely stand a few weeks under the open sky (if the temperature is below 0 degrees), and a large sculpture (over 100 kg) and does stand for two to three months, if her constant support. Despite this, professional sculptors rarely choose this unreliable material for his work. Ice sculptures – a lot of young artists, Amateurs and masters of modern installations.

Winter is the time of Christmas. That is why in Russia are favorite subjects of ice sculptures associated with fairy tales, folklore, national mythology. Almost every major city in Russia on the eve of the New year can be found on the areas of ice firebirds, Continue reading

Festival “TERRITORY”


Autumn in Russia is expected theatrical non-stop it has Long been observed that after the experience of the difficulties people are in a hurry not only in temples with prayer, but in the theaters in search of relaxation and joy. After the extremely heavy summer with our audience offered incredible festival parade. All flags of the world, all the world stars are going to converge on the Russian horizon. In the lead, as always, Moscow and St. Petersburg, and festival life in the province is gaining momentum.

Moscow festival parade will begin a tour of the theater within the “Golden mask”. One of the best theaters of St. Petersburg this time brings his show-hit “Xenia. Love story” and new — “the taming of the shrew” set by the Lithuanian Director Oskaras Koršunovas. Almost simultaneously with the “Golden mask” starts returning to the capital after a two-year stay in Perm festival “Territory”, where the chief guest will be the famous German Director Thomas Ostermeier, which in addition to master classes brought to Moscow his “hamlet”. Heir and successor of the Brechtian tradition of political theater, Thomas Ostermeier in their productions always addressed sensitive issues of our time: whether it’s a teen scene from “dysfunctional Continue reading

The Most unusual festivals of the world

We always look forward to any holidays, because it can be fun to note, you can not go to work or school (not all of course), etc. We have long been accustomed to the usual holidays — the New year. March 8, February 23, victory Day, etc. But there are so many different holidays that the common man of our country may seem strange, funny and unusual. So, the most unusual festivals in the world.

1. Of Hadak Matsuri. In Japan every third Saturday of February, decided to hold this festival, or rather even a Festival. Thousands of naked men out in the cold. They are dressed only in loincloths and sandals. According to custom, so goes the rite of ritual purification. It is believed that on this day, if a man discards his clothes off, it automatically resets all the failures and attracts good luck.

2. March of the zombies. This holiday is celebrated annually in Canada (Boston). Something like Halloween. but then thousands of people dress up in zombie and walk down the street depicting the walking dead brain eaters. What is remarkable is that many of them try to copy the gait of a zombie from the clip Michael Jackson-Thriller (1983).

3. World championship mugs. The festival is held annually in the town of Egremont, in the UK. Its essence Continue reading

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